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20021024: XCD decoding on allegan (cont.)

>From: "Rob Gillies ." <address@hidden>
>Organization: USU
>Keywords: 200210222244.g9MMiEp01962 McIDAS ADDE LDM ldm-mcidas


This is a follow-up to the note I sent last night.

>Feel free to login and poke around.  Let me know if you have any problems
>with the login.

I logged back onto allegan this morning to take a look around and found
a couple of small things that I went ahead and took care of:

o you had a separate copy of SYSKEY.TAB and ROUTE.SYS in your /var/data/mcidas
  and /var/data/xcd directories.  Since these files should be one and the same
  I did the following (as 'mcidas'):

  cd /var/data/mcidas
  rm ../xcd/ROUTE.SYS;ln ROUTE.SYS ../xcd
  rm ../xcd/SYSKEY.TAB;ln SYSKEY.TAB ../xcd

o the same kind of comment also applies to the file SCHEMA AND the copy
  of SCHEMA that you had in these directories was older than the one
  for the McIDAS distribution you are using.  This is not a terrible
  thing, but it is something that is easily changed, so I went ahead
  and make the chage for you:

  cd /var/data/mcidas
  rm SCHEMA ../xcd/SCHEMA;cp ~/data/SCHEMA .;ln SCHEMA ../xcd

o both the /var/data/mcidas and /var/data/xcd directories had copies
  of the files SATANNOT and SATBAND in them.  These files don't belong
  in these directories and they were not being used by any decoder
  or McIDAS process (the copies in ~mcidas/data are being used
  correctly).  Give this, I deleted them:

  cd /var/data/mcidas
  cd ../xcd

o you had a copy of SKEDFILE in /home/mcidas.  SKEDFILE should always
  be located in the working directory for the user running McIDAS.
  For the user 'mcidas', this is the directory /home/mcidas/workdata.
  I deleted the extraneous copy of SKEDFILE.

o the final thing was that you had a bogus AREA file in /var/data/mcidas
  so I removed it:

  rm /var/data/mcidas/AREA0000

  (valid AREA file names range from AREA0001 to AREA9999; AREA0000 is an
  "illegal" name)

Note that none of the things that I changed had anything to do with
your disk filling up (that is still a mystery to me since your 'ldm'
account is correctly setup to scour McIDAS data files), or decoding not
working after Paul deleted data files.  Also, note that Paul did delete
only those files that could be deleted.

The final observation I have is that you are one revision of McIDAS
behind.  The current release is v2002a (soon to be v2002b).  Upgrading
is not mandatory, of course, but there were several new features added
to v2002 and lots of bugs were fixed.  So, you may consider upgrading
to the current version when you get some time.

Thats about it.  Looks like things are running nicely, so I won't muck
with anything else.


>From address@hidden Fri Oct 25 09:42:32 2002
>Subject: Re: 20021024: XCD decoding on allegan (cont.)


many, many thanks for all the work that you did that would have taken
me some time to sort out.

Paul and I were thinking about installing the latest version and may
start that process today.

The download was by Dan - we have brought him back to campus and put
him in the computing center so that a cetain individual cannot
compromise the climate database that Dan is setting up. Anyway we are
hoping for some very cool things to come out of the linking of the CD
and Unidata. If things stabilize the way I am hoping they will I will
feel comfortable about setting USU up as a NOAAPORT.  With two very
professional individuals (Paul and Dan) in the computer driving seats
we should be well set to go.

Again, merci - have a good beer at the Oasis (or whereever) on me!

Best wishes .. Rob

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