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20021022: Setting up LDM for McIDAS-XCD (cont.)

>From: Richard Massa <address@hidden>
>Organization: UC Davis
>Keywords: 200210150109.g9F19F112387 McIDAS-XCD LDM


>Got rid of the directories that you asked me to...

OK, this was just to tidy up.

>I also did a chmod g+rw to the workdata directory.

The permissions on ~mcidas/workdata are now:

drwxrwxrwx    3 mcidas   ldm          4096 Oct 22 13:20 workdata/

Shouldn't the 'chmod g+rw' workdata have resulted in drwxrwxr-x ?

>What files specifically is it having problems creating?

The XCD supervisory routine, startxcd.k, creates an .ERR file for each
DMGRID.ERR).  These files keep a log of when the data monitor is
restarted by startxcd.k.

Also, all data monitors are supposed to write to the file
DECOSTAT.DAT.  This file is then used by stat.k and statdisp to show
the status of each decoder (decoders are subprocesses of data
monitors).  The GRIB decoder reads/writes the file GRIBDEC.PRO.  The
contents of this file are the next word in the file HRS.SPL that has
data to be decoded.

Lastly, the file DCLSTIDX.PTR needs to get written to keep track of
the last index file that got written.


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