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20021022: Setting up LDM for McIDAS-XCD (cont.)

>From: Richard Massa <address@hidden>
>Organization: UC Davis
>Keywords: 200210150109.g9F19F112387 McIDAS-XCD LDM


>Sure... Primary group stuff has bit me before... I should have thought of

I should have suspected it sooner.

>though I suspect setting the sticky bit on /a/data/ldm/mcidas would work

Except that the problem is that the data monitors are seemingly not able
to create/update files in ~mcidas/workdata.

>I'll change the groups right now.

As soon as I saw your message, I recursively changed the group of all files in
~mcidas.  This worked for everything except:


which is owned by root.  While talking about mcupdate, I recommend that
you get rid of the following in ~mcidas:


The update procedure for Unidata McIDAS is to FTP the compressed update
tar file, mcupdate.tar.Z, into the ~/mcidas<ver>/update directory
and run the unpack script, mcunpack, from there.

OK, now the bad news.  Even though 'mcidas' and 'ldm' both have 'ldm'
as their primary group, the XCD data monitors are still not able to create/
update those data files in ~mcidas/workdata.  I really don't know what this
means at all!  Perhaps they both should be in only one account?  Perhaps
the machine needs a reboot?  I don't know why things are not working now.


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