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20021021: Setting up LDM for McIDAS-XCD (cont.)

>From: Richard Massa <address@hidden>
>Organization: UC Davis
>Keywords: 200210150109.g9F19F112387 McIDAS-XCD LDM

Hi Richard,

I am back at troubleshooting XCD on your machine, atm20.ucdavis.edu.
Here is what I learned last night:

1) even though the various POINT source data monitors (DMSFC, DMRAOB,
   DMMISC, DMSYN; decoders that produce output MD files) were running
   on atm20, they were not producing _any_ output (you already knew
   this, of course).  At least, when they were being run from the 'ldm'
   account (by virtue of the 'exec "xcd_run MONITOR"' action in
   ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf, they produced no output MD files

2) if the same decoders are run "by hand" from the 'mcidas' account,
   they _did_ produce output MD files !?

The fact that the data monitors can produce output while run by
'mcidas' but not by 'ldm' tells me that the problem is some kind of
permission problem.  Exactly where the permission problem lies I have
not yet determined.

After I found the above, I did note that one or more of the data
monitors would core dump while running.  Given this, I decided to use
your machine to troubleshoot potential problems in the McIDAS-XCD
code.  I changed the DEBUG= macro in the McIDAS makefile to '-g' and
removed the stripping of executables.  I also remade object files
called by the data monitors and rebuilt the data monitor executables.
I am once again running all XCD data monitors (by hand) in an
environment in which they can dump a core file.

One thing I found when doing the above was that you apparently made a
couple of tries at building McIDAS.  I see from some sections of
~mcidas/mcidas2002/src/makelog that you built using gcc, f2c, and mcfc,
and in others you used gcc and g77.  Since I wanted a consistent build,
I cleaned up and rebuilt both McIDAS-X and -XCD:

<as 'mcidas'>

cd mcidas2002/src
make clobber
make all VENDOR=-g77
make install.all VENDOR=-g77

The VENDOR=-g77 macro setting tells make to use the gcc and g77

So, for right now, your system is running all of the data monitors in a
non-standard manner.  If/when any of these modules core dumps, I will be
able to use 'gdb' to find out what routine has a problem.  If no
core dumps are generated over the course of a day or two, I will chalk
up the problem to the combined use of gcc/f2c/mcfc and gcc/g77 code.

I will, of course, get back to you with my findings.

One last comment, mainly for the inquiry tracking system: your machine
is running Slackware 8.1 Linux.  The version of gcc is: 2.95.3 20010315;
and the version of g77 is: 0.5.25 20010315.


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