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20020926: Unidata McIDAS software access

>From: Paul Decker <address@hidden>
>Organization: NASA Ames Research Center
>Keywords: 200209262211.g8QMB3103243 McIDAS


Sorry to have not gotten back to you on this earlier, but I was at
the GOES Users Conference for the past few days.

>I'm a software engineer supporting joint NASA/FAA Distributed Air Ground 
>Traffic Management(DAG-TM) research simulations at NASA Ames Research 
>Center.  I'm currently working with several software developers on a 
>project to integrate various weather parameters into the simulations to 
>facilitate research into the effects of increased weather phenomena 
>awareness on flightdeck/ATC procedures.
>I believe McIDAS might have some application in helping us with this 
>research, particularly in accessing NEXRAD data for conversion to polygon 
>regions for use in simulation displays.  I have an account on the Unidata 
>Community Portal, but am unable to download McIDAS.  Please let me know 
>what steps I need to take to modify my account so that I can download the 

The problem is that Unidata is licensed by SSEC to freely distribute
McIDAS to the university research and education community.  Access by
other sites is limited to those that already are licensed for McIDAS by

Since I don't know if a relationship already exists between SSEC and NASA
Ames, I am not allowed to open access to our distriubtion to you.  If
you are already licensed to receive McIDAS from SSEC, then you will be
allowed access to our distribution.  Are you an existing SSEC McIDAS

You may want to send an inquiry to the McIDAS User's Group at SSEC:


to see if you should be allowed access to the Unidata distribution
of McIDAS.


Once again, I apologize for not being able to get back to you sooner.
Please let me know the results of your discussions with the MUG team
at SSEC.

>Paul Decker - Principle Software Engineer
>Raytheon Technical Services Company
>Information Technology and Scientific Services
>voice: 650/604-2510 -- fax: 650/604-3323
>NASA Ames Research Center
>MS 262-6
>Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000

Tom Yoksas

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