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20020815: ADDE as an independent package?

>From:  Russ Rew <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UCAR Unidata Program
>Keywords:  200208151933.g7FJX8K27762 McIDAS-X ADDE server client


>Has anyone considered making ADDE available as software separate from

No, at least, nobody at SSEC.  The reason being that ADDE is an integral
part of McIDAS.

>Is it be practical to run an ADDE server independent from the rest of
>McIDAS to support remote access to non-McIDAS data?

Yes, absolutely.  There are a number of server-side routines that
have to be available, but the majority of client-side applications
do not have to be built.

>Is it possible to separate out an ADDE client library that can access
>data from ADDE servers independently of McIDAS?  I guess the answer
>to that must be yes, since the IDV does it.


>Would it be difficult to separate and provide ADDE server and client
>software as a package of Unidata-supported software distinct from

My "solution" to the server-only side is to provide make targets that
would only build and install the stuff necessary for the server.  I
would not, however, want to create two distributions since sites wanting
to run the client side applications still need the server side ones.
I guess two packages could be created, but this increases the support

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