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20020815: cannot view GINI radar composite created with GEMPAK in McIDAS

>From: "Robert Mullenax" <address@hidden>
>Organization: NSBF
>Keywords: 200208151624.g7FGOlK17761 McIDAS-X GINI ADDE GEMPAK nex2gini


>I made a 4km NET composite with GEMPAK's nex2gini, but when I try
>to list it in McIDAS I get this:
>IMGLIST: Nominal start date is out of range    909194545

This tells me that the date/time in the file is screwed-up, or the
GINI ADDE server I wrote is munging the date/time information read
from the GINI file.  The only way I could investigate this is by getting
a copy of the GINI image that you created.

>Are there some IMGCHA commands I need to run on the nex2gini
>stuff before using them in McIDAS?

IMGCHA won't work since there is not giniaput server (I only implemented
the ADIR (directory listing) and AGET (data retrieving) servers.

Any chance I could FTP the file you are using so I could take a closer
look?  Since I never tested the GINI server code on an echo tops composite,
there is a real liklihood that I have munged something in the GINI server


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