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20020801: Question about McIDAS (cont.)

>From: "Kevin Polston" <address@hidden>
>Organization: NWS
>Keywords: 200208011855.g71Itc908945 McIDAS-X PANEL


>That reminds me of the way AWIPS is in that you could load a 4 panel
>but then the color enhancement is the same for all panels. I tried and
>tried to get a satellite and a radar together in a 4 panel with
>different enhancements but it wouldn't work. So it sounds like that is
>the same for McIdas.

Right.  The entire frame is what an enhancement is assigned to.

>But reading your response got me to thinking about
>another question.  Say for instance I had the radar 4 panel loaded in (
>like the example you sent me).....can you get a "4 panel cursor" so
>that when you move the cursor over a spot in say the upper left hand
>panel you will have something "marking or showing" your spot in the
>other panels?

No, this would be a useful thing.  I know that AWIPS (D2D) has it,
but McIDAS does not.

>That I believe is useful when looking at storms and such.

I agree.

>I'm sure I will be talking to you more about McIdas but thanks for your
>help here.  Oh wait.....I just thought of one other question.  Is there
>a "roam and zoom" capability on McIdas?  I know there was one with VDUC
>but I am not sure if McIdas is set up like that now.

What you can do in McIDAS is create a session with very large frames
and then shrink down your display to some size less than this.  When
you load imagery or graphics in the frames, it gets loaded in the
entire frame.  You can the roam the display by holding down the middle
mouse button and moving your cursor within the frame.  The underlying
image/graphic is roamed as you move the mouse.

The roaming feature is active all of the time, but moving the display
around when it is sized to what your viewport is not very useful.  The
utility comes when you zoom the display (remember, zooming in McIDAS
is simply the process of telling the X server to replicate pixels).
Then, roaming the blown up display is useful.

>See ya,



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