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20020726: Participating in Unidata; access to Unidata McIDAS-X (cont.)

>From: Hai-Tien Lee <address@hidden>
>Organization: UMD
>Keywords: 200207252115.g6PLFx908521 Unidata McIDAS-X


>Thank you for your prompt reply and information. I will contact NESDIS
>people to figure out if it is the IP filter that blocked my access.

Sounds good.  I can say for sure that it _is_ the IP filter that they
have in place.  I am sure of this given the error message you sent:
"Accounting data was not valid".

>I checked the web page you provided. The GOES Imager data are useful for me.


>I am curious about how the global IR and WV images were made.

Unidata contracts with University of Wisconsin-SSEC to have these sectors
made from their GOES ingest systems.  We provide the images to Unidata
IDD participants free of charge.

>I'd like to
>access other geosync satellite IR data too, if possible.

Wouldn't we all! :-)

>By the way, could you tell me where to find the listing of public McIDAS


Unidata McIDAS HomePage
  Unidata McIDAS 7.80
    Documentation and Training
        Publically Accessible McIDAS ADDE Servers

By the way, papagayo is out of action right at them moment since there
is major work being done on its network.




>From address@hidden Mon Jul 29 10:16:04 2002
>Subject: Re: 20020726: Participating in Unidata; access to Unidata McIDAS-X 

Thank you very much.


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