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20020726: Participating in Unidata; access to Unidata McIDAS-X (cont.)

>From: Hai-Tien Lee <address@hidden>
>Organization: UMD
>Keywords: 200207252115.g6PLFx908521 Unidata McIDAS-X


>Thank you for the reply. But I may have mislead you to a wrong place. It's
>my fault.

No worries.

>I have already downloaded the McIDAS 7.8 for Linux and has installed it

OK, sounds good.

>However, I tried to connect to some servers and I got the
>message "Accounting data was not valid" when issuing ADDE commands. I then
>thought this may be related to some required registration. That's why I
>asked if there is any procedure to register to unidata and enable the access
>to McIDAS data servers.
>The McIDAS servers that I need to access are
>I have been accessing those servers through a NOAA NESDIS computer
>(orbit6h.nesdis.noaa.gov) and I want to move the task to my own computer at
>the university.

Now I understand.  The folks that control the servers you list limit
access to the machines by IP address.  It seems that the machine that
you were accessing these datasets from was allowed, but your machine is

>Maybe you can tell me how the server accounting is managed and then I could
>talk to the right person to straighten it for me.

You will need to contact the people that manage the machines above
(most likely the NOAA SATEPS people) and request that they allow your
machine.  For this, I am betting that your machine will need to have
a fixed IP address.

>If there are McIDAS
>servers with GOES imager and sounder data that I can access, please let me
>know so that I can get around this problem.

The Unidata community has setup a series of cooperating ADDE servers that
are open to public use, but none of these has the data you are probably
interested in.  In particular, none of these machines has GOES sounder
imagery.  To get an idea of what imagery the servers I am referring to
have, please review the imagery examples in:


If the satellite imagery sectors that are show as examples on this
page are useful for your project, please let me know and I will provide
you with a list of ADDE servers from which you can get the data.

>Thanks a lot.

No worries.



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