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20020721: SSEC, CSU 4 km visible calibration (cont.)

>From: Darren Gallant <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/JOSS
>Keywords: 200207111918.g6BJIGa29261 McIDAS AREA calibation


Thanks for the explanation of what you are trying to accomplish.  It
will help me search for the information you need.

>Here is my issue: SSEC and CSU 4km visible imagery differs from the
>imagery ingested by our Seaspace system. Differences between IR and WV are
>nearly zero. I'm trying to determine why the visible imagery differs. The
>documentation implies that there are processing procedures performed at
>Wallops (normalization for example) and that the space calibration is not
>performed, but the coeffcients used in this calibration are
>coded into the GVAR transmission. I believe this is the information copied
>into the CSU/SSEC areafiles (calibration block) during ingest and is
>calibration information missing from my areafiles. This is why my images
>differ. I'm attempting to verfify this. I can copy image data from
>my areafiles and the navigation and calibration info from equivalent
>CSU/SSEC area files. The resulting areas should resemble the CSU/SSEC imagery.
>This would verify my theory and provide a rough quantification of the
>differences between CSU/SSEC 4km and UCAR/JOSS 4km visible imagery.
>Darren R. Gallant              UCAR/JOSS
>Programmer/Technician           Joint OfFice Of Science Support
>303-497-2634                    P.O. Box 3000
>address@hidden                Boulder,CO 80307-30000


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