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20020710: workstation setup

>From: William C Klein <address@hidden>
>Organization: Valparaiso University
>Keywords: 200207101920.g6AJKga26576 McIDAS workstation installation


>So, the same version of McIDAS is put on BOTH the server and the
>workstation?  Is that what I'm reading correctly?  Or am I missing the
>point and you are currently rolling your eyes back? ;-)

It depends. If you have a workstation that is mounting the server's
mcidas home directory (where you installed McIDAS-X), then there is no
need to install it on the workstation. You can just use the instructions
on configuring user accounts. If it is a completely standalone
workstation (no mounting of server mcidas home directory), then you will
need to install it on the workstation using the same procedure as for
the server.  

I try not to roll my eyes back because it gives me headaches. ;-)

Don Murray

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