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20020708: Unidata McIDAS and GEMPAK installation on RedHat Linux 7.1

>From: Arindam Ghosh <address@hidden>
>Organization: Indian Statistical Institute
>Keywords: 200206260532.g5Q5Wdu04263 McIDAS


>Thanks for your kind reply....I've one question:Is it possible to install 
>McIDAS & GEMPAK Softwares in PC with LINUX based on Red Hat 7.1 ..... Or 
>it is better to install in Sun systems.....Looking forward for your kind 

Installation on Linux, especially RedHat 7.1 should be no problem
for either McIDAS or GEMPAK.  As far as McIDAS goes, please read the
Notes and Warnings piece of the Unidata McIDAS-X web site:


To learn how to avoid one pitfall when using gcc/f2c to build McIDAS.

RedHat 7.3, on the other hand, will present problems due to a bug in
the XFree86 portion of the standard distribution.  This problem is
only for GEMPAK; it requires one to download the latest distribution
of XFree86 and install it in place of the version sent out with RH 7.3.
If you stay with 7.1, you will not run into this problem.




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