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20020704: building McIDAS-X 7.8x on RedHat Linux 7.1

>From: "Daniel Vila" <address@hidden>
>Organization: INA
>Keywords: 200207041251.g64Cp5n01680 McIDAS Linux


>Thank you. I'll try to build it tomorrow with the new intructions.

I think things will go smoothly.

>I live in Buenos Aires and I'm working very near from International Airport
>(in the back, exactly), but the next is my last week in Buenos Aires because
>I'm going to Brazil.

What a small world.  Tuesday, I fly to Miami, Fl and then to Rio De
Janerio.  I will be in Rio for the day until the plane for Belem leaves
that evening.  I will be in Belem from Wednesday night until very early
on Monday morning when I fly to Sao Paulo.  I have most of the day in
Sao Paulo before my plane leaves for Buenos Aires.

>I plan to stay in CPTEC (do you know that institute?)

I am not sure.

An old friend of mine, Oswaldo Massambani, is a professor in the
Atmospheric Science department at the University of Sao Paulo, and I
thought I would try and look him up during my layover in Sao Paulo.

Is CPTEC associated with the University of Sao Paulo?  It seems like it
should be.  Where is CPTEC located?

>for the next 18 months (my PhD thesis is waiting for me...).
>Please, contact me if you are planning to stay in Buenos Aires during the
>next week.

I will be in Buenos Aires from Monday July 15 until the evening of
Wednesday, July 17.  It doesn't sound like you will be in Buenos Aires

>TE: 4480-4500 x2333 (during office hours)
>Thank you again.

No worries.


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