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20020624: [Fwd: nexrad data]

>From:  Russ Dengel <address@hidden>
>Organization:  SSEC
>Keywords:  200206241856.g5OIuJa26379

Russ and Louis,

>   Well, The answer to Louis's question is no. The Data Center does not
>archive NEXRAD data in any format. The NEXRAD server does support a number of
>formats (possibly WSI archive is one of them).  Tom can tell us if this
>format is "serve-able" and if he is aware of a source for "raw Nexrad data".

The NEXRAD Level III server in McIDAS supports both the compressed and
uncompressed Level III formats that have been in NOAAPORT and the format
that is sent out by WSI Corporation.  The only difference in the WSI
format and the files archived at NCDC is a single record that WSI adds
to the end of their products.  That record contains the station ID
for the product.

As far as knowing who may have an archive of the WSI images, I don't
know right off.


What exactly are you looking for?  Data-wise, there is no difference
in the NOAAPORT and WSI products.  Are you looking for a site that
has data up to a month old, or are you looking for a source of a
realtime feed of products in the WSI format?  If the latter, then you
will need to contact WSI Corporation.  They can feed you the data
in realtime using the Unidata LDM.  If you are looking for near realtime
data, data that is up to two weeks old, then we can help you.  We do
not, however, archive the products, so anything older than two weeks
will not be available from us.


>>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Subject: nexrad data
>> Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 13:07:25 -0400
>> From: Louis Nguyen <address@hidden>
>> To: Oper <address@hidden>
>> CC: MUG <address@hidden>, Unidata Support <address@hidden>
>> Datacenter,
>> I looking for real-time raw nexrad data in (i think) WSI archive
>> format similar to what is archived at the NOAA NCDC.  Do you have the
>> data in this format and can you make them available for us to use
>> temporary for one month?  Do you (or Tom) know of any source that may
>> have them?
>> Thanks,
>> -Louis

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