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20020620: request for BREF24.ET (cont.)

>From: Tom Whittaker <address@hidden>
>Organization: SSEC/CIMSS
>Keywords: 200206181745.g5IHj0605982 McIDAS BREF24.ET


>I checked this morning and it looks like the remapping is _not_ removing
>any data -- I downloaded and displayed the composite without remapping
>and the lower levels do not appear.

I just compared the 14:57 RTNEXRAD/N0R ID=BYX against the
NEXRCOMP/1KN0R-NAT loaded over BYX with no blow-up/blow-down.  The
differences I see in the displays can pretty much be explained by the
enhancement used for the NEXRCOMP product.  The locations and shapes of
the echos seem very consistent.

The other thing that may be at work here is that pixel values in the
composite are the maximum value at a grid point.  All NEXRAD N0Rs that
cover the grid point are interpolated to that grid point, and then the
maximum is chosen.  Since the area in question has more than one radar
covering it (at least over the tip of southern Florida), the composite
may show more high reflectivity values at a point than the one of the
NEXRAD products reveals.  The other thing I can offer is that I made
numerous comparisons of the composite that Chiz is making with the
composite that WSI produces.  I was satisfied with the comparisons
during those tests.

>So, I'll toss the ball back to you and/or Chiz and see if you have any

I don't see any systematic problem, but I ill continue to monitor
the situation.

>p.s. I think we need to have some kind of ritual for these 'passages' to
>the OldGuys Club...

I agree :-)


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