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20020614: GOES-8 Albedo

>From: Frederic Chagnon <address@hidden>
>Organization: MIT
>Keywords: 200206142154.g5ELsOJ16211 McIDAS GOES albedo


>It seems that the value given as albedo in McIDAS
>GOES-8 AREA files isn't the true albedo, but a
>measure of reflectance.

That is correct.

>I am looking for either a McIDAS-X function or
>standalone program that converts a GOES-8 visible
>brightness count AREA file to albedo (taking into
>account satellite and solar elevation angles, and
>sensor degradation.) Id there such a program
>available publicly?

I don't know of one, but it would probably be better to
ask other McIDAS users if they have developed one.  The
best way to do this is post your query to the mcidas-x 
email list that we maintain (I see that you are already
subscribed to this list, so you should have no problems
in posting).  There are a number of SSEC folks on this
list, and they may know of someone that has developed
the application you are looking for.

>Thank you very much for your help,

Sorry I couldn't offer a direct solution.

>Frederic Chagnon
>Frédéric Chagnon                 Ralph M. Parsons Lab
>MIT, Room 48-208                  Cambridge, MA 02139
>ph. +1.617.253.1969               fx. +1.617.253.7475

Tom Yoksas

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