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20020607: GOES oversampling in element direction (cont.)

>From: Darren Gallant <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/JOSS
>Keywords: 200206051454.g55EsNJ12608 McIDAS GOES IMGDISP MAG


>Is sounder data displayed by individual bands or with certain bands

You always display McIDAS images by individual band.  You can create
products using multiple bands using IMGOPER.  The output of IMGOPER
is an image containing a single "band", so it is displayable by
IMGDISP without having to specify the BAND= keyword.

>I assume the MAG keyword requires integer arguments.

Yes.  The MAG= keyword results in a sampling of the original image if
the MAG= values are <=1.  For blow-ups (MAG= values greater than 1), the
original pixels are replicated.  The integral values of MAG=, therefore,
specify either the sampling interval or replication factor.


>From address@hidden Fri Jun  7 09:28:16 2002
>Subject: Re: 20020607: GOES oversampling in element direction (cont.)


Undata Support has been very helpful as usual.

Thanks again.


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