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20020503: McIDAS gribdec (cont.)

>From: Robert Mullenax <address@hidden>
>Organization: Universal Weather
>Keywords: 200205031513.g43FDDa05925 McIDAS gribdec.tar.Z


>We are registered and I will admit that the last time 
>I got your distro I used ftp (I am a command line die hard
>when it comes to transferring files) but I will stop and use
>the Web Portal.

It is not a big deal if you use FTP especially if you are already
registered as a Unidata User.  What I want to do is get folks that
havn't registered to register.

>When do you think you will be releasing your upgrade?

The upgrade with the XCD mods has been available since April 6.  I
just havn't gotten around to creating the Addendum page that describes
the mods.  This email convinces me that this is the next thing I should
do; thanks for getting me off of dead center!

>Thanks for the tip on the UKMET grids.

One of the changes made to the grib tables, gbtbpds*, was the
identification of gribs from the UK Met Office/Bracknell as UKMT.
Before, these would be tagged with an 'x' for Model/Center and be
filed in the RTGRIDS/MISC (SCRATCH= in RTMODELS.CFG) catchall dataset,
so you might not ever notice them.  Yesterday, I started playing around
with the filing of the UK Met grids into their own set of GRID files.
I will finalize my approach to this in the next day or so, and then
upgrade all of the cooperating community ADDE servers that have the
RTGRIDS data.  At the same time, I intend to add the new dataset
RTGRIDS/UKMT to the DSSERVE.BAT routine that creates the the "standard"
datasets for user sites.  These mods will be in the _next_ (7.806)
addendum.  The time frame for this is next week.


>From address@hidden Fri May  3 12:12:15 2002
>Subject: RE: 20020503: McIDAS gribdec (cont.) 

I'll probably just wait (here and NSBF) for the
7.806 release then.  

Thanks for your help,

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