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20020503: McIDAS gribdec (cont.)

>From: Robert Mullenax <address@hidden>
>Organization: Universal Weather
>Keywords: 200205031513.g43FDDa05925 McIDAS gribdec.tar.Z


>I did leave the entry in Makefile as -vendor.  I will
>change it to -g77 and see what happens.

OK.  If I left that off of the instructions, I shouldn't have.

>From address@hidden Fri May  3 10:36:54 2002

>Tom I changed it from -vendor to -g77 and it worked.

Good, that reassures me.

By the way, after updating my version of XCD with the tables (gbtbpds*)
and C sources from gribdec.tar.Z, the number of grib messages being
decoded jumped (up, that is).  Perhaps of interest to you will be the
huge volume of UK Met grids in NOAAPORT.  They are global 1.25 x 1.25
deg grids, so they are useful in the stuff you are still working on
with NSBF.

The other routine that is in gribdec.tar.Z is the application
grib2img.pgm.  This decodes/converts grib messages into McIDAS AREA
files.  This turns out to useful to process the RCM composites in
NOAAPORT and the 6 km national N0R composite grib messages we are
sending out in the FNEXRAD stream (still unannounced).  In fact, I am
using grib2img.k to convert those gribs to images and then PNG
compressing them and injecting the images into FNEXRAD.

>I did get these warnings about integer size:

>g77 -c -O -Wuninitialized -fno-automatic -I. -I/WX/users/mcgribdec/inc
>In file included from gribdec.f:25:
>m0xcd.inc: In subroutine `main0':
>m0xcd.inc:174: warning:
>         PARAMETER (MNINT4 = Z'80000000')
>Integer at (^) too large except as negative number (preceded by unary minus
>mccomp -g77 -o gribdec.k gribdec.o btab.o Mcgribdecoder.o Mcmkmcgrid.o
>Mcupackbit.o Mcisbitset.o Mcgtpstrg.o Mcibmfloat.o Mcgetmemory.o
>/WX/users/mcgribdec/lib/main.o -L. -L/WX/users/mcgribdec/lib -lmcidas -lm
>g77 -o gribdec.k gribdec.o btab.o Mcgribdecoder.o Mcmkmcgrid.o Mcupackbit.o
>Mcisbitset.o Mcgtpstrg.o Mcibmfloat.o Mcgetmemory.o
>/WX/users/mcgribdec/lib/main.o -L. -L/WX/users/mcgribdec/lib
>-L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lmcidas -lm -lf2c -ldl -lm
>mccomp -g77 -c grib2img.pgm -I. -I/WX/users/mcgribdec/inc
>rm -f grib2img.o
>g77 -c -O -Wuninitialized -fno-automatic -I. -I/WX/users/mcgribdec/inc
>In file included from grib2img.f:46:
>m0xcd.inc: In subroutine `main0':
>m0xcd.inc:174: warning:
>         PARAMETER (MNINT4 = Z'80000000')
>                             ^
>Integer at (^) too large except as negative number (preceded by unary minus

You get these messages when building the McIDAS distribution, but you
may never see them unless you read through the make log file,

I will take a look at the instructions in the README included in
gribdec.tar.Z and see what I should expound on to make things more


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