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20020419: McIDAS configuration questions (cont.)

>From: William C Klein <address@hidden>
>Organization: Valparaiso
>Keywords: 200204101351.g3ADpma28875 McIDAS-XCD ldm-mcidas


>Thanks for the info.  I'l point our Met guys over to the URL for the grid


>1. What about the FOUS14 data?  It looks like we are getting the sets, but
>it won't plot in the MCGUI.  Is this along the same line as the GRID data?

I can plot/contour FOUS14 data while pointed at aeolus with my McIDAS
session here at Unidata, so it is being decoded, filed, and served correct.

For instance, I just plotted the FOUS14 data for 0Z (the 12 Z stuff doesn't
appear to be there):

o click on Display
o click on Model Data
o click on FOUS14 Plot/Contour

When the GUI widget comes up for the FOUS14, I selected Plot, Temperature,
Hours from Current as CT: 00, and the Model Run Time of 00:00:00.  I get 
a plot of the FOUS14 data with no problems.

If you (or someone else) run(s) the same sequence, what is indicated in
the GUI Command window?  Perhaps people are trying a forecast time that
is not available?

>2. What is the difference between the WSI NIDS/NOWRAD products and
>NEXRCOMP (adde.ucar.edu)?  Will there ever be a cost for NEXRCOMP?

The WSI NIDS data is individual NEXRAD Level III products, just like
the ones available in the RTNEXRAD dataset.  You pay for the WSI NIDS
products but the products that will be served in the RTNEXRAD dataset
are free since they are the ones being sent in NOAAPORT and subsequently
distributed by the IDD.

The WSI NOWRAD (tm) products are composites created by WSI.  These you
also have to pay for.

The NEXRCOMP composites are composites of the NEXRAD Level III products
that are freely available in NOAAPORT and distributed in the IDD.  We
create them and distribute them in the FNEXRAD feed free of charge.
We will never charge for the NEXRCOMP composites.

>3. Is there a way to get State txt data in the MCGUI?

You can list a good bit of state textual data from the MCGUI, but I havn't
developed the module that will display general TEXT data yet.

For instance, if one wants to look at the raw METAR reports for a state,
s/he can do the following:

o click on Information
o click on Data Lists
o select Raw
o enter the state ID (e.g., CO) in the Station ID entry
o click on List

If you click on the Decoded radiobutton instead of the Raw one, you will
get a listing of the decoded reports for the state you entered.

As far as other, more general textual reports, you can run the McIDAS
program WXTLIST to get all the data you want.

Something that still works, but is a bit kludgy, is bring up the Fkey
menu from the MCGUI:

o click on Misc
o click on Function Key Menu

The Fkey menu should come up as a separate window.  In the Fkey menu, select
F7 Weather Text (that is Function key 7).  This will change the Fkey menu
to a selection of textual products you can get.  

One warning about use of the Fkey menu.  Unix window managers typically
use one or more Function keys for their own purposes.  In order to make
all possible Function key strokes available (e.g. F1-F12; SF1-SF12,
CF1-CF12; and AF1-AF12), you have to configure the window manager to
_not_ use those keys.  This has to be done in every account that brings
up the window manager.

A section in the McIDAS installation instructions is concerned with how
you do this on various operating systems:

Unidata McIDAS-X 7.8 HomePage
  Configuring Unidata McIDAS-X Accounts 
    Configuring User Accounts
      Enabling McIDAS-X Keys 


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