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20020316: McIDAS-X 7.8 install on DEC/ALPHA running OSF/1 5.1 (cont.)

>From: "Dan A. Dansereau" <address@hidden>
>Organization: USU
>Keywords: 200203141936.g2EJa6a06867 McIDAS DEC OSF/1



>>10) the NMCAMT is broke - gives a floating point exception, and a core dump
>>    on my systems.

I thought that this problem might be a DEC OSF/1 problem, but I was
wrong.  This problem was not related to DEC at all.  It was a simple
coding oversight.

Here is the one line fix:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd mcidas7.8/src

edit mcalrtgf.for and change:

         if (flags(i) .eq. -1)then


         ! <<<<< UPC mod 20020316 - add check for SCRATCH= catch all >>>>>
         if (flags(i) .eq. -1 .or. models(i)(1:3) .eq. "SCR" )then

After making the change, rebuild nmcamt.k (the executable for NMCAMT):

make nmcamt.k

Verify that the executable in the ~mcidas/bin directory is the same as
the one you just made:

ls -alt nmcamt.k ~/bin/nmcamt.k

If it is not, remove the one in ~/bin and link the one in the mcidas7.8/src
directory to it:

rm ~/bin/nmcamt.k
ln nmcamt.k ~/bin


By the way, after thinking about the NMCAMT problem, I decided that the
code fix I sent you is not the correct one even though it works.  The
real problem is in the C routine that mcalrtgf.for calls.  It is not
correctly dealing with the SCRATCH= line in the RTMODELS.CFG file used
by the XCD GRID decoder.  I will have another look at the C routine
tomorrow and see if I can figure out a clean way to do the job that was


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