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20020315: McIDAS measuring temperature (cont.)

>From: Edward Hindman <address@hidden>
>Organization: CCNY
>Keywords: 200202212035.g1LKZGx03095 McIDAS IMGPROBE


>This is Ward writing about the IMGPROBE part of your reply to my 
>undergraduate student Kamal Thapa.  AREA9010 is a MetSat 5 image 
>Kamal obtained from the UW/SSEC archives and resides in our Linux machine 
>in /home/wxnut/mcidas/data.  I just displayed the image and can navigate 
>the image but cannot obtain a IR temperature using the IMGPROBE command.  It 
>just returns brightness values.


>IMGPROBE works with the AREA files we receive hourly from the IDD and 
>with other GOES images downloaded from the SSEC.  But, for some unknown 
>reason, we have been unable to make IMGPROBE work with the MetSat 5 

I FTPed the image in question down to my machine here in Boulder
(running McIDAS-X Version 7.8), and I had no problems in displaying,
navigating, or interrogating the image with IMGPROBE.  Given this, it
sounds like the calibration module for Meteosat data needs to be
updated on your system (there have been mods since you originally
installed 7.7).

>I invite you to log onto Cirrus and see if you can make IMGPROBE 
>return a IR temperature for AREA9010.

OK, I logged onto cirrus and tried to see if I could figure out why
I can't compile and link McIDAS.  I transferred over a new gcc
compiler distribution and some other shared libraries (under the
mcidas account), and verified that I can run the compiler on individual
files with no problems.  The build of the entire package, however,
still fails, and the failure is apparently associated with the
bash shell executable.  The only way we can get around this is to
try and replace this executable (in /bin/bash) with a new one.  The
problem here is that you have to be 'root' to do this, and I do
not have root privilege.

I could try replacing /bin/bash to see if I can get compilations working
and then rebuild 7.7 with Meteosat calibration modifications if you
could give me root logon to cirrus.  Baring than that, you will need
to get a system administrator type there to look into the problem.

>Thank you!

Sorry I wasn't able to simply jump onto cirrus and get things working.
The fact that DSSERVE didn't work (couldn't define datasets as
per previous emails) and I can't get the build to work indicates that
something has happened on cirrus.  I worry that this may be an
indication that cirrus was hacked into at some point, but I can't
tell if that is true or not.


.From address@hidden Sat Mar 16 07:39:55 2002
>cc: address@hidden,
>   Student mail Account <address@hidden>
>Subject: Re: 20020315: McIDAS measuring temperature (cont.)


Thanks for looking at our MetSat image problem.  I'll get you root 
privilege on Cirrus ASAP so you can get our McIDAS installation on 
Cirrus able to completely analyze Metsat images.



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