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20020306: Archived NEXRAD data from NCDC and NEXRAD reflectivity composites (cont.)

>From: Louis Nguyen <address@hidden>
>Organization: NASA/LARC
>Keywords: 200203011521.g21FLFx21046 McIDAS NEXRAD ADDE


re: switch to ADDE server on atm.geo.nsf.gov.

>I made the switch to atm.geo.nsf.gov.  I will only be using it once in
>a while.  However during May and July 2002 when we have our CRYSTAL
>field campaign, I would like to access it every day.

That's fine.

>Is GEMPAK a stand alone system separate from McIDAS or does it have
>some mcidas code?

GEMPAK is developed by NCEP (originated in NASA/GSFC) and is in use
in the NWS National Centers.  As to whether it has some McIDAS code
in it, it does.  The satellite navigation code that GEMPAK uses is
pure McIDAS.

>Does it access the NEXRAD data from NOAAPORT via Wisc? 

Unidata distributes the NEXRAD data via our Internet Data Distribution
system.  Part of this system is a series of "top level" injection nodes
what ingest NOAAPORT off of a satellite feed.  Most of these sites are
using an SSEC SDI box, but our local site uses both an SDI and a 4-port
receipt system we built ourselves.

re: quid pro quo

>Thanks.  Let me know what you're thinking.  We may have some things
>worth while to offer.  Give me a call or email when you want to talk. 

I began the conversation here after our exchange the other day.  Since
we are collaborating with NASA on some other projects, collaborating
on the radar and other data my not present any special challanges.
I am not, however, at liberty to make these decisions unilaterally,
so there will be more discussions in house and with our governing
bodies.  I will certainly be in touch with you about what transpires,
but it may not be as quick as either of us would like.

>Thanks for the ABoM routine.  I will download it and take a look at

As they say in Oz, no worries.  I am sure that the greater McIDAS community
would love for this capability to become a supported reality.

>I'll keep you updated on its progress.  I am short of time, so it
>may be a couple weeks before I dive into the ABoM routine. 

I understand being short of time :-(


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