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20020304: Archived NEXRAD data from NCDC and NEXRAD reflectivity composites (cont.)

>From: Louis Nguyen <address@hidden>
>Organization: NASA/Langley
>Keywords: 200203011521.g21FLFx21046 McIDAS NEXRAD ADDE


re: setting up ADDE datasets for archived NEXRAD products

>The second solution (organizing the stations in hierarchical
>structure) to get around the snag in item 3 will work for me.  It's a
>good solution and doesn't sound that bad to implement.

OK, great!

>updating the server code to recognize the ID in the header would be
>nice.  Of course, that requires time and everyone is short of it.  

That is definitely on my list of things to do before the next McIDAS

re: how to overlay radar on top of satellite images

>Using IMGREMAP and IMGOPER with thresholds?

As far as I can see, IMGREMAP does not have a threshold option, and the
MERGE option uses the first image values to replace the ones in the
second image.  IMGOPER, on the other hand, can be used to do the
compositing.  I think that this is the approach that Rick Kohrs took.

re: ABoM McIDAS routine that displays image data in the graphics plane

>Yes, I am interested.


>It helps to be able to toggle on and off the
>radar with satellite image underneath.  This enhances our capability
>to monitor CVs and thunderstorms.

I agree completely.

>I'll have to look at Rick's McBASI script and see if it suits our

I don't think that it is that sophisticated: the last image used
in the composite has the pixel values that will be used at points
in its region.

>From what I hear, it probably will.  Although, I think the
>Unidata GEMPAK looks great and is more operational.

Like I said in my previous email, we will have to explore sharing
of this data with you.  Right now, it seems like this would be
possible if you could provide ADDE services back to the Unidata
community.  I am just thinking off of the top of my head, so don't
hold me to anything...

>Is the ABoM routine part of GEMPAK?  Or is this mcidas routine to do
>the image overlays?

It (they) is(are) a McIDAS routine(s).

>Yes, I'm would like to pursue work on this.  What
>we develop or enhance definitely should go back to the mcidas
>community.  Everyone benifits from it.

Excellent.  You can grab the code that I have using anonymous FTP
from our FTP server, ftp.unidata.ucar.edu:

directory: pub/mcidas/src
files: satoverlay.pgm satradar.pgm

The makefile entries I have for building satoverlay.k and satradar.k
are identical to other McIDAS routines:

satoverlay.k        : satoverlay.o $(LIBDEPS)
            @$(L) -o $@ $(main_o) satoverlay.o $(LIBARGS)

satradar.k      : satradar.o $(LIBDEPS)
            @$(L) -o $@ $(main_o) satradar.o $(LIBARGS)

re: continued access to our ADDE server(s) for the composite radar
data and we need to continue our discusion about a quid pro quo situation

>Sure, let's talk when you get a chance. 

OK, sounds good.

Please do me a favor and do the ADDE access of the composites from
either pscwx.plymouth.edu or atm.geo.nsf.gov.


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