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20020228: Unidata McIDAS-X access information

>From: Dalin Zhang <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Maryland
>Keywords: 200202281703.g1SH33x20867 McIDAS


>One of our research groups has been using Unidata's McIdas software.
>We understand this package has been updated. If so, may I ask you to
>provide us with the necessary information on how to update it in our
>Thank you in advance for your assistance.

The procedure for getting Unidata software has changed in the past several
months.  Now, instead of having to get the user name and password for
password-protected FTP accounts, you have to register as a Unidata user.
After registering, you will be able to download the software for the
desired package over the web.

For McIDAS, you should do the following:

Go to the Unidata McIDAS-X 7.80 HomePage:

Unidata HomePage
      Version 7.80

Then click on 'Register as a Unidata User' and follow directions.  After
the registration process is complete, you should be allowed (should since
you are a univerity; non-university downloads of McIDAS are allowed on
a case-by-case basis), to grab the distribution through the 'Download'
action on the 7.80 HomePage).

Please let me know if you have any problems in the registration or
download process.

> ---
> Da-Lin Zhang, Professor
> Department of Meteorology                  Telephone: (301) 405-2018
> 2419 Computer & Space Science Building     Fax:       (301) 314-9482
> University of Maryland                     Email: address@hidden
> College Park, Maryland 20742-2425          http://www.meto.umd.edu/~dalin/

Tom Yoksas

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