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20020220: McIDAS dataflow

>From: James Frysinger <address@hidden>
>Organization: College of Charleston
>Keywords: 200202210415.g1L4Fbx02565 McIDAS dataflow


Sorry I couldn't respond to this sooner, but things have been pretty
hectic around here lately.

>I presented a briefing in an undergraduate meteorology class last week and
>for that I kluged together this dataflow chart. I used this to briefly
>describe the data ingestion and the ways a user (not administrator) can
>interact with the suite of software.
>I'm sure that I've probably got some stuff wrong, but you had commented
>earlier that you were thinking of doing something along this line. So, here's
>something for you to take a look at. Perhaps it will be useful, if for no
>other reason than to show what I thought that a user would see as being of
>interest on such a chart.

Very nice!

I put the image in a publically viewable place instead of keeping it
in our inquiry tracking system:


Thanks for sending the image along!  It has good food for thought.

By the way, for fun check out the NEXRCOMP dataset on one of the
following machines: adde.ucar.edu, papagayo.unl.edu, or atm.geo.nsf.gov:

DATALOC ADD NEXRCOMP papagayo.unl.edu

This dataset will go public after I finish tweaking some stuff and get
it setup on the set of cooperating ADDE servers that are currently
serving GINI satellite data (as I write this it is not yet setup on
the atm.geo.nsf.gov machine, but I will be addressing that this afternoon).

What do you think?


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