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20020129: McIDAS-X 7.804 on Solaris

>From: Eirh-Yu Hsie <address@hidden>
>Organization: CU/CIRES/NOAA
>Keywords: 200201291652.g0TGqXx23032 McIDAS-X ADDE


>I just compiled McIDASX7.804 for Sun Solaris.  The XCD parts seem running
>Could you tell me what could cause this:
>cumulus:[52]% imglist.k GINIWEST/GW1KVIS.ALL
>Image file directory listing for:GINIWEST/GW1KVIS
>stdin: not in compressed format
>imglist.k: done

The way to find out what may be the problem is to:

o EXIT your McIDAS session
o either unset MCCOMPRESS in your Unix environment or start McIDAS using
  the GUI startup:

  mcidas config

  In this GUI, you can choose to do compessed or uncompressed ADDE
  transfers.  Choose uncompressed and then start the session

After you have started a session _not_ using compressed transfers, you
can reissue the command that failed:

Image file directory listing for:GINIWEST/GW1KVIS
IMGLIST: cannot chdir to /home/mcadde/mcidas/data: No such file or directory
IMGLIST failed, RC=2

Now, we can read the informational error message.  It seems that you
have the HOME directory for the user that runs ADDE set to be
/home/mcadde.  My recommendation is for the HOME directory of 'mcadde'
to be the same as for 'mcidas'.  When this is the case, you should not
get the above error since the directory /home/mcidas/mcidas/data is
created when mcinstall is run to unpack the Unidata McIDAS

So, I recommend changing the HOME directory for 'mcadde' (if I remember
correctly, you use NIS/NIS+) and make sure that 'mcadde' has
read/write/ execute privilege in the ~mcidas directory tree.

Please let me know if this doesn't correct the problem you report.


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