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20020117: McIDAS Raw METAR list

>From: LDM <address@hidden>
>Organization: USU
>Keywords: 200201172252.g0HMqDx09195 McIDAS-X SFCRPT


>I am having trouble displaying raw metars in mcidas.  McIDAS will display the 
>decoded version just fine, but I get this error when I attempt to display a
>raw metar:
>OBSRPT: Source pointer file is missing on server
>OBSRPT: Error getting data from server
>SFCRPT failed, RC=2

This error is telling us that there is something wrong on the server that
SFCRPT is requesting raw data from.  What server are you pointing to
for RTWXTEXT?  Here is how to find out:


>I tried upgrading to the 7.804 release of McIDAS, and it didn't help.

If the server is on your machine, you will need to:

<as 'ldm'>
ldmadmin stop

<as 'mcidas'>
cd workdata
batch.k XCDDEC.BAT

<as 'ldm'>
ldmadmin start

This should recreate the rapid access files used by McIDAS-XCD decoders
to index/locate the raw METAR data (and other types).

>I am running LDM and McIDAS XCD decoders
>OS: Solaris 8
>Ultra 60

Yes, but if you are pointing to a remote server for RTWXTEXT, the problem
may be one that you can not fix yourself.

>Please let me know what I am doing wrong.

Your command was correct; the problem is caused by a missing rapid access
file in the data directory into which XCD is decoding data.

Please let me know if this fixes your problem.


>From address@hidden Fri Jan 18 12:39:09 2002
>Subject: Re: 20020117: McIDAS Raw METAR list 


The dataloc list revealed that I was accessing RTWTEXT from my own server 
(allegan).  I followed your instructions and recreated the rapid access files 
used by McIDAS-XCD decoders.  This solved the problem.  Thanks for your help.

Thank you,

Joshua Campbell
Utah State University
PSB Department

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