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20020116: Unidata McIDAS-X 7.804 at St. Cloud State (cont.)

>From: <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 200201152114.g0FLEWx19679 McIDAS-X 7.804


>The mcidas 7.8 build went fine, no problems using gcc and f2c.

Good, there should have been no problems.

>Testing also showed no problems.
>I did have a problem when I started mcidas and then tried to 
>start MCGUI.
>Error in startup script: couldn't read file "/home/mcidas/mcidas7.8/tcl/lib/tk
> 8.0/xmfbox.tcl": no such file or directory
>    while executing
>"source $McINST_ROOT/tcl/lib/tk$tk_version/xmfbox.tcl"
>    (file "/home/mcidas/mcidas7.8/src/mcgui.k" line 121)
>When I looked in the /home/mcidas/mcidas7.8/tcl  directory, I 
>could not find a  lib  sub dir.,  so it looks like something
>in the build did not complete as expected.  I did not see any
>error messages.

This is telling us that the Unix environment variable MCGUI is not set
correctly, or the Tcl/Tk stuff is not installed.  I recommend checking
the MCGUI environment variable:

echo $MCGUI

first.  If this is set to ~mcidas, then I would try reinstalling McIDAS:

<login as 'mcidas'>
cd mcidas7.8/src
make install.all
>For our build, I used copies of gcc ver. 2.95  from one of our
>other machines.   The install of this using Sun's pkgadd command
>seemed routine, with no errors listed.
>For f2c, f2c.h and libf2c.a, I again used copies that were on 
>one of our other machines when we built  MCIDAS 7.7.

The problem should have no relation to the versio of gcc being used
to build the code.

>I will be gone for a couple of days, so no hurry, won't see your 
>reply until probably Monday.

OK.  If you gave me the login to the machine in question I could take
a quick look around.

>I am going to try out this retirement thing.

Congradulations!  I hope it suits you!!!


>From address@hidden Mon Jan 21 10:33:36 2002
>Subject: RE: 20020116: Unidata McIDAS-X 7.804 at St. Cloud State (cont.)


After running make install.all  again, MCGUI seems to work fine.

I assume some parts of the install did not run correctly the first


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