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20020115: Unidata McIDAS-X 7.804 at St. Cloud State

>From: <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 200201152114.g0FLEWx19679 McIDAS-X 7.804

Hi Alan,

>I am in the process of setting up another machine, and this will be 
>a new install of Mcidas 7.8.  The unit is a Sun, OS is  2.8


>Although we now have the compilers for Solaris,  from comments in the
>docs for MCIDAS, I sense that there are still some problems, so I am
>planning on using  gcc, f2c, ...  as we have done before.

No, the Sun compilers work fine for McIDAS builds.  The 7.804 release
that I put out gives the end user another option for compilers, the
gcc/g77 combination.  The idea was to not force sites to have to go
out and get f2c; g77 is typically included with gcc distributions.

>Am I missing something, or going astray here ?

You are going astray just a bit.  Your options are now:

o vendor compilers
o gcc/f2c/mcfc
o gcc/g77

>In the past we have 
>just needed gcc, and then f2c and a couple of other files.  I have 
>copies of these on one of our existing terminals running  MCIDAS7.7.

These will still work fine.

Talk to you later...


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