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20020110: McIDAS install at NIU

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200201102312.g0ANCeN20508 McIDAS-X 7.804


>Well, I have a "new" machine. weather2.admin.niu.edu. It's a P3 800 MHZ 40 
>GB pretty fast computer. And I like the disk space. :-)
>Anyway, a quick favor to ask of you, and you know what's coming.
>Can you install McIDAS-X and XCD on there for me IF it's not too much 

I tried to get onto weather2 (ssh, telnet) and was unable.  Here is
the error trail:

/home/mcidas/mcidas7.8/src% ssh !$ -l mcidas
ssh weather2.admin.niu.edu -l mcidas 
Secure connection to weather2.admin.niu.edu refused.

I see from the next couple of lines that ssh is not there yet, but
telnet doesn't work:

/home/mcidas/mcidas7.8/src% telnet weather2.admin.niu.edu
Connected to weather2.admin.niu.edu.
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed.

So, there seems to be a little configuration tweaking needed.

>I do NOT have ssh on there yet, so I am leaving telnet and ftp 
>open for all of .unidata.ucar.edu, for the moment, if you choose to do 

>Any help, as always, is greatly appreciated. Oh yeah, as of right now:

No worries.

>Yep, this may become my new feed machine soon!

Sounds good.

>From address@hidden Thu Jan 10 16:32:56 2002
>Darn it!!!
>For the 4th time, X windows won't work on my machine. It just stops 
>working after a reboot, and putting some patches on. I don't know which 
>one (if any) is causing this.

Stops working?  What are the symptoms?  I have run into situations where
I have to rerun Xconfigurator to get things working.  I will need to
think back to remember exactly what the cause of that was.

>So, I have to reinstall it a 5th time. This is really ticking me off. Hold 
>off on the install, if you decided to do it. I am going home for the 

I will check again tomorrow.


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