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20011223: typo in McIDAS 7.80 install docs

>From: "Robert Mullenax" <address@hidden>
>Organization: NMSU/NSBF
>Keywords: 200112240510.fBO5ASN11439 McIDAS document


>Just thought I'd let you know there is a type in
>the latest McIDAS install notes.  In the section
>on env variable to be set for building netCDF with
>gcc/g77 there is a line that says:
>setenv CPPFLAGS -DNDEBUG -Df2cFortran
>which should read:
>setenv CPPFLAGS "-DNDEBUG -Df2cFortran"
>otherwise a setenv: too many arguments
>error is returned.

Thanks for spotting this error.  This is the kind of thing that I have
been looking for before announcing the 7.804 _jumbo_ addendum.  The
other one I ran into earlier was the fact that g77 is installed as
f77 (not a link) on FreeBSD.  I am sure there are some others, but
hopefully they are not show stoppers.

BTW, the reason for the big jump in distribution size is primarily new,
larger map files.  I have been looking for a good map database of major
roads in North America.  I would love to be able to replace the US
Interstate outline file, OUTUSINT, with the equivalent set of roads
for NA, or, if possible, the world.

Thanks again for spotting the error!


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