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20011220: McIDAS: CIRA Enhancement tables in McIDAS .ET format

>From: Unidata User Support
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200106201031.f5KAVv116018 McIDAS ehancements


Way back at the MUG meeting, we talked about me getting access to McIDAS
versions of the enhancement tables discussed in:


Yesterday, I cut and pasted the "How to create this enhancement in
AWIPS" from each of the types disucssed in links from the above page.
I successfully created most of the enhancements, and they look like the
displays shown (good thing).  I did run into a couple of problems, so I
am writing for help!

First, a minor point.  I see no difference in the enhancement listing
for 'IR (channel 4) (9)' and 'IR (channel 5) (10)'.  Am I seeing things
incorrectly, or is this actually the case?

Second, the enhancement I produce using the information for 'WV/IR'
does not end up looking like the one used in the example display.  In
particular, the specification:

Temperature (C)       Red Grn Blu Red Grn Blu
end of scale to -35.0   1   1   1 253 253 253
       -35.0 to -38.0 255 235  80 216 196  80
       -39.0 to -45.0 196 177  80  82  81  80
       -46.0 to -52.0 103  81  80 210  81  80
       -53.0 to -61.0 255  81 233 102  81 102
       -62.0 to -69.0  80 100 102  80 255 255
       -70.0 to -72.0  80 216  80  82  82  82
       -79.0 to -86.0 125 125 125 255 255 255
       -87.0 to -90.0  80  80 226  80  80 139
       -91.0 to -109.0 81  81  81 199 199 199

would seem to display the gray scale portions of the WV/IR composite in
gray shades varying from black to nearly pure white.  The example
image, however, does not show this range of gray scale values.  My
question is why not?  Am I missing something here?  (I am using the
correct B to T conversion for GINI WV:  T = 263 - 0.196 * B).

Given this mismatch between the enhancement I create using the listed
values and the displayed image, I am now uncertain abou the other color
enhancements I created from the examples (although most look like the

Do you have enhancements in McIDAS .ET form for these that I could grab
and compare to mine?

Also, has CIRA coined "standard" .ET names for any/all of the
enhancements referred to in the above web page?  If so, I would like to
adopt them so my users will not get thrown by name inconsistencies.

FYI, I am intending to include all of the enhancements referenced in
the web link above in my next McIDAS addendum, and I desperately want
to get this out by tomorrow afternoon.

Any sage advice you can provide and especially access to McIDAS .ET
enhancements you can give me access to would be _greatly_ appreciated.


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