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20011213: setup of ldm-mcidas, LDM, XCD, and McIDAS at COFC (cont.)

>From: "James R. Frysinger" <address@hidden>
>Organization: College of Charleston
>Keywords: 200111061842.fA6Igt112242 LDM binary install


>I just rebuilt my home installation of mcidas (1) for the practice, (2) 
>because I couldn't recall for sure if I had installed mcidas-x or 
>mcidas-xcd, and (3) because I wanted to change the group assignments.
>In my first installation on Nov 19 I had put user mcidas in the group 
>user. This time, I defined a separate group 'weather' as we had done 

OK.  If you were changing groups, I would order the changes as:

o login as mcidas
o cd mcidas7.8/src
o make uninstall.all
o make clobber
o change the group mcidas is in
o cd ~mcidas and change the group of everything to match the new
  group mcidas is in:

  chgrp -R weather *

o logout
o log back in as mcidas
o rebuild McIDAS:

  cd mcidas7.8/src
  make all

o reinstall McIDAS:

  make install.all

>As before all went well and I did the setup and so forth in 
>short order, using 'make clobber' and 'make all' to install mcidas-xcd. 
>(Whether or not I eventually use XCD to do any decoding at home, it 
>helps me to have paralllel installations).


>Then I used export to set the environmental variables in my bash shell. 
>When, as 'mcidas' I did 'mcidasx', I got:
>   address@hidden:~ > mcidasx
>   WARNING: only run as the user 'mcidas' for supervisory tasks

This is a normal warning designed to make sure that when you run as 
mcidas you should be careful.

>   Xlib: connection to "0:0.0" refused by server
>   Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to Server
>   Error: Can't open display: 0:0
>   address@hidden:~ > Xlib: connection to "0:0.0" refused by server
>   Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to Server
>   Error: Can't open display: 0:0

If you logged on as 'mcidas' and started X in the first place and then
SUed to be come root to change the group, this may mean that the OS
now thinks you are a different user (of sorts).  If you logged on as
'root' and started X and then became 'mcidas' in an X window, then
you will have to tell the OS to allow your machine to allow connections
from itself.  In either case, the easiest thing should be to logoff,
(in Linux this shuts down X) and then log back on.  If this doesn't
work, you may need to become root in a text window:

CTRL-ALT-F1  gets you to a text window
login as root
bring down X:

   init 3

bring back up X:

   init 5

>   [no prompt return; process is hanging I reckon and I used ^C]
>Obviously, the mcidasx started to execute and to build the two windows. 
>Both were refused by my X-windows server. I even retried, using cut and 
>paste from the flat file I had cut and pasted from my last, successful 
>attempt. Same problem. Oh, and I also tried setting DISPLAY to
>   metric:0
>   metric.metricmethods.com:0
>   localhost:0
>   :0
>wtih the same denials by Xlib. I've checked the .Xdefaults file in 
>~mcidas and don't see anything there that I can adjust.

See above.

>The only difference I can see is that mcidas is no longer in group 
>'users'. I went into my group management program and added mcidas and 
>mcadde to the group 'users' but that did not change the results.

Right, the OS thinks you are a different user.

>Do you know how to give members of 'weather' priviliges for X-windows 
>on linux systems? A lot of processes obviously have permission!

Logout making sure that X shuts down and the log back on restarting
X.  It may be easiest if you are not familiar with the process to
simply logout and reboot.

>If I can't figure that out, I'll have to go back and make mcidas and 
>mcadde members of 'users'.

Not needed.

>That's contrary to the recommendations of 
>the online guidance, but this ain't a public machine here at home. I'm 
>meaner than my wife and smarter than my son (or is it the other way 
>around....), so they don't mess with this box.

Try the above.  I'm pretty sure that things will be OK.  Also, please
make sure that the group for all of the files in ~mcidas and in all
its subdirectories is now set to the new group 'mcidas' is in:

<login as root>
cd ~mcidas
chgrp -R weather *


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