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20011130: McIDAS AREA files (cont.)

>From: Scott Gennari <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Hawaii
>Keywords: 200111282303.fASN3qN04455 realtime McIDAS satellite imagery AREA ADDE


re: access to realtime GOES imagery via ADDE

>Okay, that's good to know. One more question, are the full suite of
>GVAR scans that are transmitted turned into AREA files?

That is our intention.  What actually gets done depends on a variety of
factors including system load, disk space, and cooperation from SSEC.

>By full suite
>I mean PACUS+CONUS, Extented PACUS+CONUS, Full Disk/Rapid scan .... et al.


>We have interests in the 3-hourly full disk data, at full resolution of
>course. :-)

Wouldn't you know...


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