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20011121: McIDAS vis-a-via Solaris 7/8 (cont.)

>From: "James R. Frysinger" <address@hidden>
>Organization: College of Charleston
>Keywords: 200111061842.fA6Igt112242 McIDAS platfomrs


>> I checked the ADDE remote server configuration file ~mcidas/.mcenv
>> and it looks good as does the setup in /etc/services.

I jumped back on and found that there was one typo in ~mcidas/.mcenv:


should have been:


so I fixed it.

re: reinstalling ADDE remote server stuff
>       Did the above, then did grep mcserve /etc/inetd.conf and got the 
>expected lines as above, but showing
>   mcserv  stream  tcp     nowait  mcadde  
>/export/home/mcidas/bin/mcservsh        mcservsh -H /export/home/mcidas
>   mccompress      stream  tcp     nowait  mcadde  
>/export/home/mcidas/bin/mcservsh        mcservsh -H /export/home/mcidas


>       So that looks successful.

Yes.  After this mod and the typo correction in ~mcidas/.mcenv, I was
able to verify that your ADDE remote server is working!  I did this
from the 'mcidas' account on weather:

cd workdata
dataloc.k ADD TOPO weather.cofc.edu
dsinfo.k I TOPO

        Dataset Names of Type: IMAGE in Group: TOPO

Name         NumPos   Content
------------ ------   --------------------------------------
ALL             20    All topographic images
CONF             1    North America (Conformal)
GLOB             1    Global (Mercator)
GOES8            1    GOES-8 (75W)
GOES9            1    GOES-9 (135W)
MDR              1    US Radar projection
MERC             1    North America (Mercator)
MOLL             1    Global (Mollweide)
NPOLE            1    Northern Hemisphere
QUAD             1    NW Quadrasphere
SPOLE            1    Southern Hemisphere
WHEMI            1    Western Hemisphere

DSINFO -- done

After this, I tried to access the remote server from my home machine,
and I still can't get through.  We still have to wait for your network
guys to act on allowing ports 500 and 503.

>Skimmed through the rest of the mcidas 
>directions and it looks like it all pertains to individual user account 
>setups and schemas.

Yes, and turning on the GRID decoder in XCD (already did that) and setting
up ADDE datasets for NEXRAD (and other) data.  We will get to that when
data starts rolling in.

>       A thought on the doubling of my messages that you're seeing.... Could 
>it be because I'm sending to support cc support-mcidas? Could one of 
>those be automatically forwarding their copy to you as well as your 
>direct copy?

I don't think so, but try not CCing it to support-mcidas so we can
make sure.

>       I've left another voice mail for our admin. computing liaison 
>regarding those ports. They work on the squeaky wheel principle.


>       I'm going to mosey down the street to the Red Cross and donate a unit 
>or two of platelets, which takes a couple of hours.

Good for you!  They won't take my blood (on an anti coagulant).

>Then after lunch 
>I'll head to the campus and work on LDM a bit. That should make it a 
>week's work and excuse enough to eat a second helping of TG dinner. OK, 
>I confess, I'ld eat a second helping either way....

Sounds like a plan.

>       Have a happy and safe holiday, Tom. Thanks again!

You too, and you are certainly welcome.

>>From address@hidden Wed Nov 21 08:51:10 2001
>>Subject: Re: 20011120: McIDAS vis-a-via Solaris 7/8 (cont.)

re: directories for burf and grib

>       Ah! No wonder I couldn't find that part in the directions. I don't 
>feel so bad now.

My fault.

re: overview needed?

>       Yes, indeedy. Let me make that the subject of another message so I can 
>think about it and build you some comments from a recent reader. One 
>thing that seems to pop up, though, whenever I try to install McIDAS (I 
>tried unsuccessfully with 7.6 and almost successfully with 7.7 before 
>this) is that you have to unpack the tarball yourself to get the script 
>file that unpacks it for you and then if you run that it says it can't 
>because there's no tarball. Or something along those lines. I'm always 
>so befuddled at that point of the process that I'm not sure where I am. 
>I do have a strong memory of the can-opener being inside the can, 

Actually, you are supposed to download 'mcinstall' and then make it
executable.  After setting McINST_ROOT, you then run:

cd ~mcidas

and this unpack the distribution (after making all of the necessary
installation directories.

re: big picture

>       Now, that's a good overview statement that doesn't pop out for the 
>newbie. An grand scheme and overview would help. Maybe they are there, 
>but not close enough to the directions. Perhaps threading those 
>thoughts through the directions would help to. "If you are building a 
>local user site system and not the local server machine's system, you 
>can skip ..... [or 'do this instead...'] " Sort of a block diagram of 
>who needs what on what machine.

A block diagram (actually a picture of a block diagram) is in order!
I will create one and add it to the online docs.

Have a great Tday...


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