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20011120: McIDAS vis-a-via Solaris 7/8 (cont.)

>From: "James R. Frysinger" <address@hidden>
>Organization: College of Charleston
>Keywords: 200111061842.fA6Igt112242 McIDAS platfomrs


re: "modern" machines
>       drool...... How do I tell my wife that my 2-year old machine is 
>hopelessly out of date?

Why, it is _so_ obvious.  Anything two years old is hopelessly outdated.

re: reboot of Solaris box?
>       Oh, my, yes. More than once since then. What (if anything) should we 
>do? Ditto here at home.

It sounds like you did what was necessary.  Why it didn't work is one
of the reasons I would appreciate a logon.

>       Fine by me, but let me check with my colleague. He runs the security 
>end and I need to make sure you don't get locked out. I'm assuming you 
>can come in through the ssh port;


>I have that open for access through 
>the firewall. What IP/machine address will you be using? or

>If you can get 
>a reply back to me in the next few hours, I can catch the message 
>before I totter off to teach my last lab for this short week and give 
>the info to Jim Neff.

OK, here it is.

>I leave my office at 1500 EST so allow a bit of 
>time for it to make it through the college server's random delivery 
>device... ('where' is accurate, 'when' is highly variable).

Got it.

re: recommended directories
>       OK. I'll head in that direction and let you know if I run into any 


re: AIX has Sunday morning blues
>       I pulled that off one of those LDM FAQs. Yep, I'm the uninteresting 
>sorta guy that actually takes a glance at the instructions and notes 
>before doing things. Not a guarantee that I'll actually follow them 
>exactly, of course.  :-)

Wow!  So, you're _the_ guy that reads the instructions we put together :-O

re: will be around on Wed.

>       OK. Tomorrow should be a good day for me, too. Jim Neff, our local 
>(Physics Dept.) network administrator and half my guru team takes off 
>in about three weeks for a long research trip. I would be tickled to be 
>up and fully operational by December 14. Then I could gain some 
>personal use experience and develop some training plans for my 
>colleagues over the winter break in order to offer up user accounts at 
>the beginning of the Spring semester. The astronomers are taking over 
>the department and we meteorologists are going to have to counter with 
>some down to Earth physics.

Astronomy and Meteorology go hand in hand.  After, you've got to have
clear skys to view (I used to be in astrophysics myself).


>From address@hidden Tue Nov 20 09:55:14 2001

Received OK! I'll talk to Jim. Yeah, I teach both physics and astronomy 
(esp. Celestial Navigation) ... depends on whether you're looking up or 
down in the atmosphere. Grin.


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