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20011119: McIDAS startup with multiple frame sizes

>From: "Paul L. Sirvatka" <address@hidden>
>Organization: COD
>Keywords: 200111192307.fAJN7gN06121 McIDAS mcstart.gui


>I cannot get mcidas to start up with multiple window sizes as defined in
>the .mcidasrc file. 
>I have 
>-f address@hidden
>-f address@hidden
>and it only begins with one frame 400x750 big. If I leave out '1@'
>it tells me I have a bady formed argument of address@hidden
>There must be a glitch in the bin/mcidas program.

This is a result of my movement to the automatic startup of my graphical
user interface, MCGUI.  The GUI startup that is running only allows
for frames of one size, so the last -f flag in .mcidasrc wins.

If you want a McIDAS session with multiple frame sizes, you have to run
the SSEC McIDAS startup script, mcidasx.  Typing mcidas is actually
running mcstart.gui, so it will never work.

Again, type:


to start with your hand-edited .mcidasrc settings.


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