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20011107: 20011106: IMGDISP problems (cont.)

>From: Giovanni Leoncini <address@hidden>
>Organization: SJSU
>Keywords: 200110181917.f9IJHA119842 McIDAS IMGDISP ADDE MAP comment card

Giovanni and Mike,

>... ain't over yet! unfortunately! I played a little bit with ver 7.8 and
>basically nothing changed since last time.


>I noticed that it maps the NCAL images loaded AFTER the 4kmVIS one.
>hope it helps.

No, that doesn't help.  I logged onto rossby last night and reran
various tests that display and atempt to MAP you NCAL images.
MAPping failed for each image.


Is it possible for me to get a login to rossby as 'mcidas'?  I could
use it to see what is different between your build under Solaris and
mine.  In the meantime, I will be testing G' NCAL images under some
of the other operating systems to see if they can be mapped there.
I know that they already work on RedHat 7.1 Linux and Solaris 2.6
(my home and default work test machines).

>I also forwared your
>email where you describe the flipped byte, to the NPS guy, asking for some
>guidance, that I'll share, of course.

OK, good.

>thanks a lot for the incredible work you guys are doing for me!!!
>I really approciate it!!

I _really_ wished the upgrade to 7.8 had done the trick.


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