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20011024: converting GINI format images to McIDAS AREA

>From: Kevin Thomas <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Oklahoma/CAPS
>Keywords: 200110222135.f9MLZn102781 McIDAS-X ADDE GINI AREA


>I have a new problem with the GINI data.  CAPS software is looking for GVAR
>format data.  Our software is identifying the data in TANC format.  It does
>seem to find a few header records, but gets lost quickly.  If I modify the
>software to say that GVAR and TANC are the same (which they obviously aren't,
>our software core dumps.

The satellite imagery in NOAAPORT, the GINI data, are in one of three
projections: Mercator (MERC), Lambert Conformal Tangent Cone (TANC), or
Polar Stereographic (PS).  None of the data are in GVAR projections.

>Is there a way of converting to GVAR format?

You could use McIDAS to remap the data from GINI projection into an
existing image in GVAR format.  I have to warn you that this would be
the second remap of the data: it is remapped into the desired projection
in the GINI conversion process; you would be remapping it back into
a GVAR projection.

>If not, can you tell me where I can get documentation on TANC format?

Even though the answer is yes, I can still point you to the TANC format:

Unidata McIDAS-X 7.8 HomePage
  Documentation and Training
    McIDAS Programmer's Reference Manual

Click on Version 7.60 in the last page and then read through the
McIDAS Navigation section of Chapter 6 - Accessing Data.  The TANC
projection is used as the example in those manual pages.

>From address@hidden Wed Oct 24 13:56:28 2001
>Subject: Re:  20011024: converting GINI format images to McIDAS AREA

re: remap to GVAR means that you will have remapped twice

Definitely not good, as the software that wants GVAR format then maps it
into our own ARPS format.

It sounds like I need to write code to read the NOAAPORT GINI data itself,
and remap directly into ARPS format.

I know of a local satellite guru that I will pester, so I'll ask him for
documentation on where to go from here.

Thanks again.

        Kevin W. Thomas
        Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms
        University of Oklahoma
        Norman, Oklahoma
        Email:  address@hidden

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