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20011023: IMGDISP problems (cont.)

>From: Giovanni Leoncini <address@hidden>
>Organization: SJSU
>Keywords: 200110181917.f9IJHA119842 McIDAS IMGDISP ADDE


re: breakup dataset
>it's true, but I have 150 Mbyte/day of images, for a 10 day case, stored
>on a different machine, and I can use, only up to 200 Mbyte on the
>machine where I run mcidas, so I have to move
>files around, untarring from a different structure! sigh! :(

Too bad.

re: what does an IMGLIST look like
>here you go:
>IMGLIST MYIMG/AREA.61                                                  
>Image file directory listing for:MYIMG/AREA                            
> Pos Satellite/         Date       Time      Center   Band(s)          
>     sensor                                 Lat  Lon                   
> --- -------------  ------------  --------  ---- ---- ------------     
>  61  G-10 IMG      10 JUL 01191  01:55:00    37  122 1                
>IMGLIST: done        

This looks OK.

re: possible images in non-AREA format, or damaged from FTP
>mmmmhh it doesn't seem likely, since I have 10 150 Mbyte tar files, and
>only those kind of images can not be displayed, from any tar file.

OK, I agree with your reasoning.

re: can I take a look
>you can find 3 samples of the images at
>I'm not able to see the first 2, the 3rd can be seen, but no graphics!

I downloaded all three of these images and created an ADDE dataset
that encompassed all of them just like you:

<all images were put in my /home/mcidas/images directory>

DSSERVE ADD MYIMG/AREA AREA DIRFILE=/home/mcidas/images/* "Test images from SJSU

I am able to load AND map the third image (in VIS_010713_0025) with no

Like you, I am able to run IMGLIST on the second image (in
NCAL_010713_2130), but I can not display it with IMGDISP.

I can't even successfully run IMGLIST on the first image (in

Give this, I did a quick listing of both files and see that the
navigation blocks in each file contains a LOT of garbage.  How they are
displayable under GEMPAK I can't explain, because they are bad!

>you can also come in and run mcidas. Since we are under a firewall you
>have to ssh to 

I probably don't have to do this given that the files look bad.

As I understand your messages, you have a large number of NCAL_* and
LCLD2_* images.  Is this correct?

I will play around with them more tomorrow to see if I can figure
anything out that would allow you to look at them.

>take care an thanks again!

Sorry for the bad news.


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