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20011023: IMGDISP problems (cont.)

>From: Giovanni Leoncini <address@hidden>
>Organization: SJSU
>Keywords: 200110181917.f9IJHA119842 McIDAS IMGDISP ADDE


>again, thanks for your help!! 

No problem!

>let me try to resume things:
>I added different kind of images under the same dataset MYIMG/AREA,
>without any particular keywords other than DIRFILE. This is the DSSERVE
>Group/Descriptor         Type  Format & Range     RT Comment                  
>------------------------ ----- ------------------ -- --------------------     
>MYIMG/AREA               IMAGE AREA                                           
>                               DIRFILE=/export/home/met171/giova/area/*/*     

OK.  So you are assuming that all files in all directories matching
/export/home/met171/giova/area/*/* are images in AREA file format.
Is this what you intended?

>I can display and do graphics for 4km IR and 8km WV images with this
>naming convention: IR_010710_0800, WV_010710_0800

Yes, but how are you separating these images from each other?  With the
dataset definition listed above, you would have to specify a dataset
position number to get a particular image.  It seems to me that a
better way to create datasets is to organize your images by type
(VIS, IR, WV, etc.) and make separate datasets with each type.

Something like:

DSSERVE ADD MYIMG/VIS AREA DIRFILE=/export/home/met171/giova/area/VIS/VIS_*
DSSERVE ADD MYIMG/IR  AREA DIRFILE=/export/home/met171/giova/area/IR/IR_*
DSSERVE ADD MYIMG/WV  AREA DIRFILE=/export/home/met171/giova/area/WV/WV_*

>I can display 1km VIS images with this kind of names: VIS_010710_1555
>but MAP says " Unable to find a NAV start point in image"

This is very strange.  What does an IMGLIST for the VIS_* images look

>I can't display any of those images, and I can't even get info from
>IMGLIST!! and of course the processes IMGDISP and agetserv sit and do
>1km (band?) NCAL_010710_2030
>4km VIS  VIS_010714_0200
>4km (band?) LCLD2_010714_0630

Do you mean that you can't display images in these files?  If not, I
would guess that they are not in AREA format, or they might have been
damaged in the FTP process you used to get them from the NPS.

>All happens regardless the options and keywords I'm using, eg
>IMGDISP MYIMG/AREA.32, for defaults

Again, the files in question may not be in AREA format.

>I got those images from Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey. I asked for
>for some more infos, but the guy is not return my emails.

Would it be possible for me to either FTP the files you have so I can
take a look, or login as you and see what I can see in your environment?

re: try
   SF 1
>this works I can see the North America Map, but what I said unfortunately
>doesn't change! sigh! :(


re: also try
>this works fine!! ;)

This further reinforces the notion that the image files that you are
unable to look at are either not in AREA format or are somehow damaged.

>let me know if need something more or to come in and take a look at our
>system. the images are still under my homepage

The quickest thing for me to do is login as you so I can run McIDAS in
your environment.  This way I could quickly determine if the files
you are trying to look at are good or bad.


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