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20011012: McIDAS: Enhancement tables (cont.)

>From: "Motta, Brian" <address@hidden>
>Organization: CSU/CIRA
>Keywords: 200106201031.f5KAVv116018 McIDAS ehancements


>Tom- yes. Arlene stopped by yesterday. Not a peep about sat enhancements


>This is a difference between AWIPS and McIDAS. However, all that needs
>to be done is for the brightnesses of the temperature ranges to be
>defined in McIDAS.

Right, I was just hoping that someone had already done this.  I guess that
I am just being lazy.

>It's pretty easy to do with E, D, IMGPROB, etc.  This
>will be different for NOAAport versus GVAR-received data though. We made
>all of these in AWIPS and probably about half in McIDAS. But, users may
>have to make one for their particular type of GOES data (regardless of
>if it's in McIDAS format).

OK, I understand.

>I'm willing to make any of the ones we've
>shown for AWIPS in McIDAS.  To be totally complete, we would need a GVAR
>brightness column and a NOAAport brightness column.

I understand.  Any help would be appreciated.

re: CIRA enhancements accessible by FTP
>Yes, when might you need these by ?   I'm doing some last-minute
>sat-conf stuff but I will bring this up next week in WI to those that
>have additional ones.

I will be there as well.  We should definitely get together and chat.

>When does your next distribution go out ?  I should probably get one!

I will be making a new addendum for my 7.8 release right after returning
from Madison.  I have to roll in changes in 55 routines that allow one
to _finally_ build McIDAS using the gcc/g77 combo.  I figured that
this would be a good time to also make a bunch of new enhancements
available to the Unidata community.


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