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20011011: converting ASCII to GRID

>From: Owen Cooper <address@hidden>
>Organization: NOAA Aeronomy Laboratory
>Keywords: 200109281630.f8SGUC126986 NCDP AVN FTP IDD nic McIDAS ADDE email


>I would like to decode the 1x1 degreee AVN data (GRIB) into MCIDAS GRID
>format. However the decoders for these data have not yet been written.  I
>can export the GRIB data to ascii text using the wgrib software.
>So next I would like to convert the ascii files into MCIDAS GRID format.

The ASCII files would be HUGE.  Given your message, I started digging
into the grib decoding code to see if I could get this to work.

>I found on the e-mail archive that Tom Yoksas had written a program to
>convert ascii to grid. The e-mail was from 1997 and is as attached below.

Again, dumping the values into ASCII would create absolutely HUGE data

>Is this program still available?

I took a quick look and did not find it.  I would dig for it if I
thought that this is what you really need, but I don't.

>Thank you in advance for any info. you can send my way!

Hopefully, I will discover something simple to fix/alter in the grib
decoding software of McIDAS that will then allow for decoding of the
1x1 degree AVN grids.  As soon as I determine if this is possible, I
_will_ let you know.


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