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20011012: SFCCON contouring over user defined map; IMGDISP failing (cont.)

>From: "Paul L. Sirvatka" <address@hidden>
>Organization: College of DuPage
>Keywords: 200109281354.f8SDsC118602 McIDAS-X 7.80 MAP SFCCON


re: new addendum contains SFCCON (actually PTCON) fix for contouring over
user-specified CONFormal projection maps; need to grab it

>Will do ASAP

re: possible typo in dataset descriptor
>That is only as I was typing in the e-mail. I am using X-Windows so I do
>not know how to cut and paste text. 

Cutting and pasting in X windows is real easy:  highlight text by moving the
mouse with the left button depressed followed by pasting that text
into an editor window (while in input mode) by clicking the middle mouse

>Everything was fine...and has been working again today. I am stumped about
>why it stopped for a time.

Hmm...  I am now wondering if your problems arose right when adde.ucar.edu
was having a crisis (a run away process ate up all memory resulting in
no jobs being runable).

re: recommend switching to use of GINICOMP, GINIEAST, and GINIWEST datasets
instead of RTGINI
>I saw the list...and it is pretty slow to all of those other sites. Is it
>OK if I still use ADDE.UCAR.EDU?

papagayo.unl.edu should be just as fast or faster than adde.ucar.edu in
almost all situations.  Yes, it is OK to keep using adde.ucar.edu, but as
ADDE use goes up in the future, we may have to ask users to share access
other servers to even the load.

>Anyway...things are working. If it comes up again, I will let you know.


>Thanks...I hope you are doing well! Hoping to come out to Boulder again

Things are going reasonably well, thanks.  Make sure to stop by when
you get into town.


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