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20010620: McIDAS: Enhancement tables and stty problem with mcenv

>From: "Motta, Brian" <address@hidden>
>Organization: CSU/CIRA
>Keywords: 200106201031.f5KAVv116018 McIDAS ehancements


Back in June you provided some information regarding informtion
on satellite image enhancement to a Unidata user:

>From: "Motta, Brian" <address@hidden>
>Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 12:42:14 -0600
>Christian- There are a couple of good sources for information on
>satellite enhancement tables. 
>for McIDAS .ET files,  see the NESDIS ORA FPDT page at
>there's also a page at 
>which shows even more enhancement tables that was done for AWIPS. Each
>curve has the necessary info so that they can be re-created in McIDAS.
>It's also a more complete list of all of the curves from the GOES Users
>Guide.  There's also some subtle differences from imagery that you might
>get from your own GVAR groundstation versus the NOAAport feed.
>There are a number of references at
>As if that weren't enough,  you can see some additional ideas for color
>tables at http://www.cira.colostate.edu/RAMM/rmsdsol/main.html
>The weather channel (USA) has in the last few months started using the
>water vapor color table from this site. 
>Winter Storms
>Hope this helps.

Arlene Laing is currently in town, and is looking for the various
enhancements listed in the CIRA pages above already in McIDAS formats.

I slogged through a number of the examples listed in:


and noted that some did not have the information needed to recreate
them in an easily used format (e.g., the one enhancement that Arlene
really wanted had the relationship between temperature regimes and
RGB gun levels, not brightnesses and RGB values).

Are there McIDAS .ET versions of the enhancements that CIRA uses that
I can grab (by anonymous FTP, for instance)?  If so, I will include
them in my McIDAS distribution.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide...

Tom Yoksas

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