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20011012: FW: reading hdf files in mcidas 7.8

>From: "Alliss, Randall J." <address@hidden>
>Organization: TASC
>Keywords: 200110121427.f9CERl110119 McIDAS ADDE MODIS


>below i had asked whether UW could send me the McIDAS MODIS ADDE server. I
>believe they are trying to get that together for a future release. Do you
>have it available on your end and will or does it work with unidata Mcidas.

I do not (yet) have the MODIS server code that SSEC has developed.  I
will roll it into my distribution as soon as I get it from them (and
build and try to test it, of course).  The release will be made in the
normal addendum fashion.

BTW, I was glad to hear that your build problem on OSF/1 4.0 was resolved.


See you next week.


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