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20010927: mcidas install (CLEAN) on climate.cod.edu (cont.)

>From: "David B. Bukowski" <address@hidden>
>Organization: College of DuPage
>Keywords: 200109272323.f8RNNT118537 McIDAS install


Some setup things needed on climate:

1) the users 'ldm' and 'mcidas' need to be in the same group or be listed
   in each other's group

2) create the directory /home/data/mcidas.  This directory should be owned
   by either 'ldm' or 'mcidas', and it should have rwx permission for
   the other

3) create the user 'mcadde'.  'mcadde' needs to have the same HOME directory
   as 'mcidas'; needs to be in the same group as 'mcidas'; and should
   have /bin/false as its default shell

4) as 'root' run:

   cd ~mcidas
   sh mcinet7.8.sh install mcadde

   This sets up the /etc/inetd.conf and /etc/system files for the McIDAS
   ADDE remote server.  This needs to be done AFTER the user 'mcadde'
   is created.


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