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20010927: College Of Dupage password for unidata site

>From: "David B. Bukowski" <address@hidden>
>Organization: College of DuPage
>Keywords: 200109272323.f8RNNT118537 McIDAS install


>well i found out why mcidas didn't work LOL.  I accidentally deleted that
>entry out of /etc/passwd when i was cleaning up the file there.


>this will have a different set of users on it but i tried to mirror the 2
>computers (weather and climate) as much as possible on access without
>using NIS.  so when u get a chance see if u can log on as mcidas

This works now.

>also what was the other 'user' needed to be added.


>thanks again and sorry about the inconvenience before :)

I can't FTP in from climate because the reverse name lookup stuff is not
working (and we inforce this for FTP for security).

The other thing that needs to be done before McIDAS can be built is
f2c needs to be installed like on weather:



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